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gysahl_greens's Journal

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artwork and layout drawn/done/and belong to/by moontear.

gysahl_greens is a community set up for writers of the Square Enix general fandom (Squaresoft of old included). It's a creative and fun drop-off for writers in need. Members post drabbles, half-fanfictions, one-shots, multi-chaptered stories, and whatnot for critique, commentary, beta-ing, and et cetera. Everyone helps one another out.

Stories are not required to be posted. gysahl_greens is also for those that would like to merely talk about fanfictions for Square Enix in general, or something that they are merely thinking about writing, ideas they want opinions on, and/or something they've read and would like to recommend.

gysahl_greens is a good way to blow off some steam or squash those anxities, so come and join us!

o1: Firstly, no, absolutely no, flames or trolling will be accepted. It will result in an immediate ban. If any criticism is given, it must be constructive. I will not tolerate otherwise. This community is to be helpful and friendly, not degrading or hostile.

o2: Put all pieces of writing behind a cut. This stops f-lists from being spammed and people becoming irritable. Also, it keeps the community page clean and easy to filter through.

o3: Please use proper grammar. Lowered capitalization to a user's author's notes, thoughts or ideas is accepted as per the user's style, but proper grammar must be in use. Otherwise will not be tolerated. It gives the community a fresh look, and it keeps it professional. If you are having problems with the proper use of grammar, contact one of the mods or ask another member of the community to help you.

o4: NEW SQUARE-ENIX GAMES SPOILERS MUST HAVE A WARNING. Spoiler icons are acceptable, however please keep it to a minimum. Ideas, thoughts, or writing must have a warning to notify members and mods.

o5: Other games unrelated to Square Enix will not be accepted here. This community is for Square Enix only.

o6: And lastly, if you haven't run off in a fright yet, I hope you have fun. :)