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Fic Recs and Beta Offer

All right, people, let's come alive! :D Don't be afraid to post or anything!

I have with me a few fic recommendations from Final Fantasy VIII. I'll post more fics from other fandoms later, but right now I'm on pain meds because of my wisdom teeth being pulled and can't concentrate too well.

Final Fantasy VIII:

o1: You Gave Me Light by Cenori. It's Seifer/Zell, and very good. This story really got me into the Se/Z pairing.

Status: Complete.

o2: Now I See the Sun. The sequel to You Gave Me Light.

Status: WIP.

o3: Whispered Screams by Angry Angel. Seifer/Squall. Very long and descriptive, but definitely worth your while.

Status: WIP.

I know, only three at the moment, but it's the smallest fandom I have for good fic recs. I may fish out more that I've enjoyed in the past later when I can find them.


Does anyone need a beta?! Really, I don't mind, although you may need to wait until Monday for me to actually get something accomplished concerning beta-ing, since I'm on these meds. I'll take up to three offers right now.

A few of you mentioned stories and ideas and stuff, so, c'mon, get posting! :D I don't want this community to remain dormant at an early age. Help a gal out. ♥
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