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Long Drabble! [Tuesday
10:20pm April 25th]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey all! I come bearing my first ficlet, so don't expect a masterpiece. Plus, it's a yuri!

Fandom: Parasite Eve

Title: Primal Dreams

Author: baroness_lamia

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1031

Pairing: Melissa(Eve)+Aya

Author's Notes: There's usage of both the game and film. You don't need to watch both of them to understand. It's pure fluff! I hope you will enjoy it, and construtive criticism is appreciated. (And yes, I couldn't help but make Melissa(Eve) into a slight pyromaniac!)

Warnings: Yuri, fluff, some OOC-ness.


Read more...Collapse )</>
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9:00pm April 23rd]

Well, here's a little something, I'm hoping this is the sorta thing moontear was going for... I've got alot of this sort of thing... dead fiction on my computer written years ago that I don't feel like publishing, but I can't quite bring myself to delete it.

No Title
Series: Final Fantasy X-2
Characters: PainexRikku, mention of Gippal and Baralai
Rating: Worksafe
Summary: Paine wakes from a nightmare and Rikku comforts her.
AN: I wrote this... probably after FFX-2 just came out and then forgot about it.

Critique: Sure, I think Paine's character is off, probably Rikku's too. *wrinkles nose*

Mercury FallingCollapse )
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6:47pm April 22nd]

^^; This entry may seem a bit familiar...

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts

Title: Birthday Candles

Rating: PG

Pairing: SoKai

Summary: Kairi's celebrating a sixteenth birthday on her own this year, and it isn't hers.

Author's Notes: Bah, I usually don't like to write SoKai stuff. RiSo all the way! But this was for my friend Heart 'cause she made me a kick-ass wallpaper, and since SHE loves this pairing... ah well. It turned out all right to me ^^;


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Fic Recs and Beta Offer [Saturday
12:42pm April 22nd]

[ mood | busy ]

All right, people, let's come alive! :D Don't be afraid to post or anything!

I have with me a few fic recommendations from Final Fantasy VIII. I'll post more fics from other fandoms later, but right now I'm on pain meds because of my wisdom teeth being pulled and can't concentrate too well.

Final Fantasy VIIICollapse )

I know, only three at the moment, but it's the smallest fandom I have for good fic recs. I may fish out more that I've enjoyed in the past later when I can find them.


Does anyone need a beta?! Really, I don't mind, although you may need to wait until Monday for me to actually get something accomplished concerning beta-ing, since I'm on these meds. I'll take up to three offers right now.

A few of you mentioned stories and ideas and stuff, so, c'mon, get posting! :D I don't want this community to remain dormant at an early age. Help a gal out. ♥

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[Mod Post: 1] [Wednesday
1:07am April 19th]

[ mood | exhausted ]

First post is up. :D

Hi, everyone. I'm glad you all are here to support me and because you were interested in this here little community (har, har, har). The layout is done, and so is the userinfo. I drew all the artwork you see, and I even did the layout (with the help of uzumakisama, although some of you may recognize the style of it).

I hope to kick off this community with a somewhat decent bang. I'll be making banners within the next few days, so hopefully everyone will pass them around?

Anyway, now that that's over with, I am proud to say--hello. Again. Yes.

So--I hope everyone has fun. I shall be posting a few fic recommendations later, maybe along with a few drabbles. If anyone wants a beta, I'm also open for the first three fics offered, although keep in mind that it may take me a few days to get to them.

Also--is anyone interested in being a co-mod? I need a few to help me out with this community and the future hopefully bulk of it, and I have one person in que waiting, so... like I said, anyone interested? It'll be a tough job, though, but I'll explain more of that later, I am incredibly tired and need to be getting to bed.

:D ♥ Let's get this show on the road!

EDIT: Forgot to mention--the layout can only be fully viewed by Internet Explorer. Sorry, guys.

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