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[Mod Post: 1]

First post is up. :D

Hi, everyone. I'm glad you all are here to support me and because you were interested in this here little community (har, har, har). The layout is done, and so is the userinfo. I drew all the artwork you see, and I even did the layout (with the help of uzumakisama, although some of you may recognize the style of it).

I hope to kick off this community with a somewhat decent bang. I'll be making banners within the next few days, so hopefully everyone will pass them around?

Anyway, now that that's over with, I am proud to say--hello. Again. Yes.

So--I hope everyone has fun. I shall be posting a few fic recommendations later, maybe along with a few drabbles. If anyone wants a beta, I'm also open for the first three fics offered, although keep in mind that it may take me a few days to get to them.

Also--is anyone interested in being a co-mod? I need a few to help me out with this community and the future hopefully bulk of it, and I have one person in que waiting, so... like I said, anyone interested? It'll be a tough job, though, but I'll explain more of that later, I am incredibly tired and need to be getting to bed.

:D ♥ Let's get this show on the road!

EDIT: Forgot to mention--the layout can only be fully viewed by Internet Explorer. Sorry, guys.
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